Monday, March 31, 2014

Sharing Memories Week 13: Broken Bones & Other Accidents

Olive Tree Genealogy offers weekly prompts, called Sharing Memories, to "help all genealogists with writing up memories of our ancestors and our childhood." Her prompts actually encouraged me to travel home this past weekend so I could copy some of my mother's photos! I scanned about 200 of them, but I still have a LOT more to do.

This week's prompt is "Broken Bones & Other Accidents." I immediately thought of an accident I had when I was about seven years old. And, I'm excited that I have a photo of my resulting injury... because of the scans I just did!
Pioneer Woman Statue in Ponca City - from Wikipedia
This is the site of my accident. Along with most of the girls in my class, I was a Bluebird (which is a younger version of Girl Scouts.) One day, we took a field trip to the Pioneer Woman Museum in Ponca City, Oklahoma. For a group photo, we climbed up on the base of this statue to pose. Well, with all those girls, I somehow got bumped... and fell off the step... and landed on my head. Ouch!

Here's me with the scratch on my forehead! I guess it's road rash. This injury took a long time to heal. In fact, it finally healed... only to show up again in the summer looking like a scar! But, after that summer, it finally went away for good.

I find this photo kind of humorous. I've cropped a Polaroid photo to just show myself and the kitten I'm holding. It's Christmas and we are at my cousin's house. He lived in the country and always had a bunch of 'wild' cats and kittens running around. We could rarely even catch them; but we sure tried!

I also can't believe what a mess my hair is... and my outfit is pretty hideous. Out of four people in the photo (my sister, brother, & cousin), my daughter couldn't pick me out; she thought I was a boy! Well, I guess we'd been playing hard!

I also enjoy seeing the elf hanging on the tree in the background. My mother and my aunt both put these on our trees.

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