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They Appeared to be Brothers

I've really been working on my English ancestors the past few weeks. It's the Eastwood family I mentioned in my last post, "A First Jump Across the Pond." In that post, I shared about Humphrey Eastwood who I originally thought was my ancestor's (James') brother, but I found out he was actually his son by a first marriage.

1841 Census - Prestwich Cum Oldham, Lancashire, England from
If Sarah wasn't Humphrey's mother, then who was? I next found a birth record for Humphrey Eastwood which shows his mother was named Elizabeth.

Humphrey's original birth record
Then, I found ANOTHER record for his birth. This one was recorded in 1852 when he was 17 years old! And, it lists his 'abode' as Lees. 

Birth Register for Humphrey Eastwood, son of James & Elizabeth

By 1852, Humphrey's mother had died. By looking at Humphrey's birth date and the remarriage of his father, I'm pretty sure his mother, Elizabeth, died in about 1838. I have found a death record that I think is likely hers. The death shows an Elizabeth Eastwood, aged 30, who died in April of 1838 in Ashton under Lyne, which all makes sense. I haven't proven this is her, though.

Possibly Elizabeth Eastwood's death reocrd
I know Humphrey's father, James, came over between 1848 and 1852 because of when and where his children were born. I have found the passenger list where his stepmother, Sarah, and his step-siblings, Elam and Sarah, immigrated in August of 1851. So, why was Humphrey still in England? And who was he living with?

I next found the 1851 England census where Humphrey is living with his aunt & uncle, John & Hannah Ormrod in Lees Field in Lancashire. I don't believe Humphrey's father, James, has a sister named Hannah. So, either John or Hannah must be Humphrey's mother, Elizabeth's, sibling.
1851 Census with Humphrey Eastwood living with aunt & uncle, John & Hannah Ormrod
By 1860, Humphrey has arrived in the United States and is living with his father, stepmother, and step-siblings in Clinton County, Pennsylvania. He is now 25 years of age and working as a clerk. I have not found an immigration record for him. In fact, this is the last record I've found for Humphrey.

1860 Census - Clinton County, PA

I do wonder why Humphrey didn't come over with his father or with his stepmother & step-siblings. He would have been about 16 years old when his stepmother came over. Was it a money issue? 

And, what happened to Humphrey? Why can't I find any more records about him? When did he immigrate and when did he die? And when did his father, James, immigrate?

One last note... I'm so glad I created this blog post! While putting it all together, I came across another record. I thought Humphrey was the only child of James & Elizabeth Eastwood. But, I found out he has an older sister, Hannah!

Hannah Eastwood birth register - same church as Humphrey
Hannah must have died as a young girl as she wasn't in the 1841 census when she would have been about 8 years old. Later, James & his second wife, Sarah, will have another daughter that they will name Hannah which I understand was fairly common in these times.

So, I still have a lot of questions, but I'm finding more and more answers, too!

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