Saturday, January 28, 2017

Tip: How to Label People in a Group Photo

To label the people in this group photo of my husband's family, I used PhotoShop Elements to create a faded version of the photo and then number each person. I then posted both photos on Facebook and asked for help filling in the names of individuals my in-laws had not identified.

because of this process, we now have 25 of the 30 people in this photograph identified. Also, a relative had photos from this same day in a scrapbook and provided us with a month and year for the gathering.

Payton Family "Reunion" Photo, April 1942, Muskogee, Oklahoma

List of those pictured:

 1 - ?
 2 - Rosebud (Palmer) Payton (wife of Frank Payton)
 3 - William T Palmer (Rosebud's father)
 4 - Benny Payton
 5 - ?
 6 - Mary Palmer (Rosebud's mother)
 7 - ?
 8 - Viola (Points) Payton
 9 - Chester Points
10 - Ruth Payton
11 - Audrey Payton
12 - Johnnie Leeds (in uniform)
13 - Mable Phillips (became Ben Payton's 2nd wife)
14 - Lillian (Jacobs) Leeds
15 - Mary Payton
16 - ?
17 - Willa Mae (Payton) Leeds
18 - Bea Payton
19 - Jimmie Leeds
20 - "Grandma Points" Mary Lee (Griffin) Points (mother of Viola)
21 - Jamie Payton
22 - ?
23 - "Papa Payton" Benjamin Harrison Payton
24 - Ollie Payne (Mallie Payton's husband)
25 - Lloyd Payton (son of Frank & Rosebud)
26 - Shirley Payton (daughter of Frank & Rosebud)
27 - Ronnie Payne (son of Mallie (Payton) & Ollie Payne)
28 - Joy Payne (daughter of Mallie (Payton) & Ollie Payne)
29 - Mallie (Payton) Payne
30 - Lorraine (last name unknown)

If you are related to this family, or have any additions or corrections,  please leave a comment or email me at


  1. I just joined because I wanted to pick up where my mother, Ellen (Sissy) Leeds left off before she passed in 2002. I saw your research and it brought me to your page. Johnnie Leeds and Lillian Jacobs (I just spoke with her last week) and Jimmie and Willa Mae Leeds are my aunts and uncles.
    I started to follow your research and it has cleared up some issues. I have a long way to go but I do have a lot of info on my mom's family.
    Janet (Gideo) Putrah

    1. Hi, Janet. I was on vacation when you wrote and somehow I missed your post! I'd love to talk more! I'm going to try to get in touch with you. - Dana


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