Saturday, April 5, 2014

Sharing Memories Week 1: Kindergarten Days

I am catching up with the Sharing Memories prompts found at Olive Tree Genealogy. Week 1 was titled "Kindergarten Days."
My Kindergarten Photo
This is my 'official' kindergarten photo. My sister and brother both have similar ones.When I went to my mom's last weekend to scan photos, I was specifically looking for this photo to blog about kindergarten. I thought it was my 'first day of kindergarten' picture. But, it's really more like an official kindergarten photo. My sister and brother both have similar photos. The writing on the back is not my mom's, but someone from the school. The photo was taken in late September and says my teacher was Mrs. Hogan (whom I vaguely remember) and my counselor was Mrs. Woodfin.

What I remember most about kindergarten...
...not being able to tie my shoes & having my best friend, Misty, do it for me.
...a guy in my class, Teddy, moving away and my mom took me to his house to say goodbye. I cried. of the boys stood in front of the class and pulled his pants down!
...the inflatable letters that 'introduced' us to the letters and their sounds. I didn't remember they were called "The Letter People" but I found them through Google! We used both the inflatables and the posters, like Miss A who says "achoo"!

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