Thursday, September 8, 2016

Starting a Family Heritage Book

Two years ago, I traveled to Kansas to visit with an aunt and uncle and view the incredible genealogical collection they'd inherited from my Great Aunt Beulah, the one who got me interested in genealogy in 1998. A couple of months ago, I discovered my dad had also inherited a large amount of photos and other items from his mother. Between the two of them, I imagine we have hundreds of photos and other old documents for this family. 

Years ago, my dad and his Aunt Beulah created this composite family tree. The primary couple, Emil Peters and his wife Myrtle (Coppenbarger), are my great grandparents. So, on this tree I have photos of not only two great grandparents, but also four great, great grandparents, and seven great, great, great grandparents! 

This week I started a new course through the Family History Writing Studio. It's an 8-week course called "Creating a Legacy Family History Book." Basically, we will be learning how to use MyCanvas to make a digital family history book that can be printed out and shared with family members.

During this course, I will be focusing on a book about my great grandparents, Emil & Myrtle Peters, the center of this amazing photo tree. I'm a little overwhelmed at the size of this project, but I'm excited, too. As I work, I'll share some of the photos and stories here, as well as sharing the process. This week, we are learning about MyCanvas and how it works. I also want to get a better idea of the items I have so I can decide what I'll be including. Time to get started!


  1. Under the spouses, far left that photo actually looks exactly like my grandfather, Orville Coppenbarger.


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