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Money, Corn, & Flour To "Alleviate the Sufferings" in Ireland

In 1847, the people of Ireland were suffering from mass starvation during a time period we now call the Irish Potato Famine. As I am continuing to research my Boyers family, I came across a newspaper article that mentions Robert M. Boyers (1788 in SC-1871 in TN) who I believe is either a brother or first cousin of my ancestor, John M. Boyers (~1801 in SC-aft 1870 possibly in TN). (Both men were born in South Carolina and lived in Gallatin, Sumner County, Tennessee in 1830.)

The scene at Skibbereen, west Cork, in 1847. From a series of illustrations by Cork artist James Mahony (1810-1879), commissioned by Illustrated London News 1847. Image from Wikipedia - public domain. 

This newspaper article was a resolution to help "alleviate the sufferings of that famished country." The money, corn, and flour were to be delivered to Robert M. Boyers who would forward those supplies to Liverpool for distribution. It makes me proud that these Tennesseans were helping in such a concrete way. Here's a transcript of the article:

For the Republican Banner.

At a meeting at Gallatin on the 6th instant, the following resolutions were adopted:-

   Resolved, That the heartrending accounts received from the suffering Irish are calculated to awaken sympathy in the coldest bosoms.

   Resolved, That we deeply sympathize with the poor of Ireland, inasmuch as her sons materially aided us in our great struggle for liberty, and have ever since been fighting in every clime for the same great blessing.

   Resolved, That it is the duty of the benevolent and charitable of every country to furnish whatever aid they can to alleviate the sufferings of that famished country.

   Resolved, That the following named persons are appointed to obtain and receive money, stacked corn, or barreled flour for the purpose of sending the same to Robert M. Boyers, who will forward the same to our kind hearted Consul, Gen. Robert Armstrong, at Liverpool, to be distributed to him at his own discretion - the Corn or Flour to be delivered at the Gallatin landing as early as possible.

[The article then lists the 19 districts naming the men in charge of each district.]

   Resolved, That the foregoing proceedings be published in the Nashville papers, and in the Gallatin Union, Gallatin, Sumner County.           -J. L. McKOIN, Ch'm.
   G. S. Gray, Sec'y.

Source: Ireland (Resolution), The Tennessean, Nashville, Tennessee, 12 March 1847, page 2, column 4, digital image, ( : accessed 11 September 2016).

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