Monday, July 4, 2016

GRIP: A Perfect Midweek Break at Nearby North Park

Before heading to GRIP (Genealogical Research Institute of Pittsburgh), I organized an informal outing to nearby North Park. I'd went last year with some friends and we had walked around the lake. This year, I was hoping to go kayaking.

The day started out quite chilly, but thankfully the wind died down and the sun peeked out and Zola and I had a wonderful time on the lake.

Five other GRIP attendees also headed to the park. We all enjoyed some much needed outdoor time... a little nature and a little exercise.

Last year, I'd fallen in love with the gorgeous old boathouse which has been renovated into a restaurant. It is also where you get your rentals. Beware! Online it says the last rental is at 7:00 p.m., but they gave us a hard time when we showed up at 6:53. Thankfully, they ended up letting us go out.

The weather was perfect for kayaking! We saw two tricolored herons who let us get quite close without flying away, and many gorgeous plants along the shoreline. 

Here's the group from GRIP who went out to the park that evening: Don, Denise, Debbie, Beth, Lisa, Zola, and me. (I hope I got everyone's name correct!) I think a trip to the park is a perfect midweek break to sitting in class hour after hour!


  1. Wow--looks like so much fun! Beautiful!

  2. Michelle, It was fun and beautiful. We can't work all the time, can we? :)


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