Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Publishing Family Research

How do you share your genealogy work? For the past couple of months, I've been working on a family history book for one of my lines: the Holthoefer family.

Although I contributed some of the research to the main part of the book, my 'big' contribution is a short chapter on a collateral line: the Kaechle/Koechle family. Even a 'short' chapter takes a lot of work!

Headstone of Thaddeus Koechle
Photo by Shirley Lindenberger Hazelwood, posted at findagrave.com 

Though it's been a lot of hard work, I've learned a lot as I went through the process. And, no, it isn't over. But, tonight I sent in my "final draft!" We still have a few weeks where we can make minor corrections, but the majority of the work is done.

How about you? Have you ever written a book about a branch of your family? Or how do you share your research with others? I think a book is a great way to share our discoveries!


  1. I have one book that was printed a couple of years ago. I'm working on another one. These are printed, spiral-bound and shared with family members. I use some photos I find online after I request permission from the photographer. Other than that, the book includes basic research information. I write in Word so the wording, etc. can be changed. I also include footnotes for each fact and recommendations for further research and what I haven't found. And I have an index. Congratulations on your accomplishment!!!!

    1. Karen, that sounds great! The book I'm contributing to is going to be hardbound and about 400 pages. The books I am thinking about doing in the future will be 25-30 pages and more about stories, documents & photographs for those who aren't as interested in genealogy. But, I also hope to do more longer books where there's both a section for stories & a section for the more 'genealogical' information.

  2. At RootsTech I heard a great idea that is similar to yours Dana... mini-books that are in a digestible size as if they were bedtime stories for children. I like this idea and once I finish a few more projects, I'm going to start this with some of my kids favorite stories in a larger collection we rarely read. Lulu.com is a great place to print books. As well as CreateSpace (in case you want to sell the books to a wider audience but you don't want to pay for the distribution costs).

  3. Devon, That sounds like a great way to share stories with your children. I've been working on a short "book" to take to Pennsylvania next week when I visit some of my dad's cousins, but I'm not sure I'll get it done in time. If not, I might send it afterwards. :)


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