Wednesday, May 13, 2015

A Late Mother's Day Tribute: My Mother, Homemaker of Tomorrow

As a senior in high school, my mother earned the title of "Homemaker of Tomorrow." Though I've heard that story before, it was exciting to get a hint from RootsMagic and then find a newspaper article of her achievement at through their affiliation with 

What a treat to find an actual photo of my mom! She's wearing a plaid dress she made that, she told me, had very intricate pleats. The article says she won the title because "her score was the highest on a written knowledge and attitude test..." While I hope she had a great attitude, I think they probably meant aptitude!

Though my mom says she has a copy of that article, she didn't remember being in the paper for this second article. This one was in her local paper when she ten years old.  

This article shows her receiving two awards - both A's in Division I - one for baking and one for food preparation. I asked my mom about the items she'd entered...

...for baking... they were given a recipe for a chocolate cake that they had to follow precisely. The cake was judged on texture and taste and wasn't covered with icing. She was one of only two A's in Division I!

...for food preparation... she made a fruit salad. She said it was a lot of work to make two different sized balls of fruit: watermelon & cantaloupe. She placed those in a bowl she'd made from half of a watermelon. 

I loved finding these two reminders of my mother when she was younger. And, since she doesn't have many photos of her younger days, I loved finding a copy of this newspaper clipping!


  1. Isn't fun to find stuff about our parents in the newspapers! I have found numerous articles regarding my Mom when she was part of drama theater groups in Utah and CA...I knew she loved acting but didn't realize she was so active. I wonder why she gave it up?

  2. Jill, that's neat! Maybe you can figure out when she stopped acting to figure out acting & then possibly figure out why. Maybe it's when she started a family?

    I wish my mom was in the paper more, but I'm thrilled with what I've found!

  3. So sweet! Thanks for sharing, Dana. ~Elizabeth Ballard


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