Thursday, April 26, 2018

Meeting Lisa Louise Cooke... Again

Four years ago, I met Lisa Louise Cooke when she presented at Houston Genealogical Forum (HGF). At the time, I was a little awe struck; I'd been listening to Lisa's podcasts and she was  a genealogy "superstar" to me.

Since then, I've continued to listen to her podcasts, watch her videos, read her books, and implement the techniques she's taught me. 

Lisa Louise Cooke and Me, April 2018, Houston Genealogical Forum
Last weekend she presented another all day seminar at HGF. This time, I felt like I was meeting a friend, though it seemed a little strange that the hours and hours of conversations we'd had were one-sided and she didn't know me like I knew her. At lunch, she sat at our table and I enjoyed spending time talking with her, instead of just listening to her. She is as friendly, gracious, and knowledgeable in person as she is online.

My favorite presentation last weekend was "Google Books: The Tool You Should Use Every Day!" She shared wonderful examples of articles, and even photos, she'd discovered in her own research. In my next post, I'll share a couple of my discoveries.


  1. What a fun day, Dana. I've met and spoken with Lisa on several occasions, including a few years ago when she presented here in Tucson. She's a very gracious and knowledgeable lady.

    1. It was a wonderful day, and I still need to put a lot of my new knowledge into use!


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