Thursday, February 1, 2018

Why Blog?

Are you a genealogy blogger? If not, have considered blogging? I have found blogging to be a wonderful tool which helps me to dig deeper and to share my genealogy research. 

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"Another Bog About Genealogy Bloggers" post

Recently, Erin Harris with Famicity interviewed me about my genealogy blog. Some of the questions she asked:
  • Why did you become a genealogist?
  • When and why did you start your blog?
  • Where do you get inspiration for your blog posts?
  • What do you find easy/difficult about blogging?
  • What impact does social media have on your blog?
  • What have you learned from being a genealogy blogger?
  • Has anyone ever thanked you for a specific blog post?
Besides me, she also interviewed Anne Faulkner of Ancestor Archeology. Last year, she interviewed Mary Kircher Roddy of MKRGenealogy and Lara Diamond of Lara's Jewnealogy

If you'd like to learn more about genealogy blogging or any of these bloggers, check out "Another Blog About Genealogy Bloggers" or last year's "A Blog About Genealogy Bloggers." 

And, if you have a blog or are just starting a blog, send me the link. I'd love to see what you're blogging about!


  1. I absolutely love this!!!!

    It's great to get insights from other blogging genealogists!

    1. I agree! I got new ideas from reading the other blogger's interviews.

  2. Fun! You're an enthusiastic and inspirational blogger whose commitment and energy shows how wrong those naysayers are when some claim that genealogy blogging is dead.

    1. Thanks, Marian. What sweet words! I really appreciate them! :)

  3. Hi Dana, I love your blog and I love blogging! Like you, blogging has allowed me to take new looks at families, find new cousins and discover new facts.

  4. I love what you do, Dana, and this seems like a good opportunity to publicly thank you for inspiring me to start my own genealogy blog!

    1. Thanks, Jen. I am so glad you've started blogging, too!


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