Friday, August 12, 2016

An Unusual Name for a Child

May I present, Doctor Franklin Boyers? He's only 10 years old, so this is quite an unusual given name. I guess this is one way to make sure your child grows up to be a doctor!

1870 U.S. Census, Prentiss County, Mississippi, pop. sch., Booneville, page 423 [printed], dwelling 47, family 47, Mary Boyers household; microfilm publication M593, 1,761 rolls, roll 746; (Washington: National Archives and Records Administration), digital images, ( : accessed 7 June 2016). 
P.S. Summer is almost over and my intense genealogy course is, too. I hope to be blogging regularly in just a couple of weeks!


  1. I think "Doctor" was a popular given name in the South in the mid-1800s. I've come across it several times.

    1. Thanks, Linda. You're absolutely right! I did a search on Ancestry for an exact first name of "Doctor" and found quite a few children - all in the South. This is a new one to me!


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