Wednesday, June 24, 2015

George Correy: Will Ruled Upon by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court

While trying to piece together the Correy family puzzle, I came across a book titled "Reports of Cases Decided by the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania Which have Been Omitted from the Regular Reports, Volume 3" by Lewis B. Walker, Esq. A chapter titled "Boyd's Appeal" deals with the will of a George Correy. Robert Correy, William K Correy and Mary (Correy) Boyd are the three other names mentioned and I've come across them already as I've been researching the Correy's.

George Correy's will, dated June 13, 1781, made his wishes about a certain piece of property known as follows: "I leave and bequeath to my son, Robert Correy, the plantation I now live upon... with all the housings, goods and waters to be by him and his heirs enjoyed forever, after him his oldest son, if no, if no son his eldest daughter and their heirs."

The problem? Robert Correy, George's oldest son, died without issue. He actually died two years before his father, George!

So, who should inherit the property?

The lawsuit is between the oldest two remaining children: the eldest, Mary (Correy) Boyd, and her younger brother, William K. Correy. "Boyd's Appeal" is quite technical and goes on for several pages. I'm not sure I understand this correctly, but I believe the property was ruled to go to William, so Mary started the lawsuit because she believed it should go to her.

While the outcome of this lawsuit doesn't mean a lot to me at this time, it may eventually be more important if I discover these Correy's are definitely my family members.

What is important at this point is that I was able to put together the following:

George Correy of Chester County (died 1781) was the father of ...
          Robert Correy (died 1797) who was the father of...
                  George Correy (died 1795)
                  Mary Correy, who married a Boyd
                  and William K Correy

"Reports of Cases Decided by the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania Which have Been Omitted from the Regular Reports, Volume 3" pages 473-477. Book accessed at (24 June 2015) 

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