Tuesday, October 7, 2014

The Kind of Newspaper Article You Don't Want to Find...

Sylvester Perry Coppenbarger died by an accidental discharge of a gun.
S. P. Coppenbarger death, The Pantagraph, Bloomington, Illinois, 23 Aug 1893, page 4, column 2;
digital image newspapers.com(http://www.newspapers.com: accessed 07 Oct  2014)

Of course we expect to find death records of our relatives. But, this is the kind of death you don't want to find. Sylvester Perry Coppenbarger (1839 in De Witt Co, IL - 1893 in OK) was my 1st cousin four times removed. His grandfather, Jacob Coppenbarger Senior (1769 in Wythe Co, VA - 1841 in De Witt Co, IL), was my fourth great grandfather. Sadly, "S. P." evidently died at the age of 53 by an "accidental discharge of a gun."

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  1. I agree! I find that old newspapers were pretty graphic and explicit with their 'reporting.' In your case, it was helpful!


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