Wednesday, June 11, 2014

2014 Jamboree Sessions Online...FREE!

Southern California's Genealogical Society presented the multi-day Jamboree last weekend. I wasn't able to travel there, but planned on watching some of the 'live streaming' videos they were offering for free. But, my schedule didn't allow it. Well, they are offering them FREE online until July 5th! Then, later this summer they will be offered to members on their site. (Membership is $35 per year.) 

If the above link doesn't work, I found it by going to the Jamboree site and then clicking on the "watch on livestream" button which is near the green "follow" button. 

The 10 session available are:
  • Denise Levenick: Dirty Pictures: Save Your Family Photos from Ruin
  • Dr. Maurice Gleeson: Ireland and the Slave Trade
  • Dawn Thurston: How to Write a Personal History that Captures Your Interesting Life
  • D. Joshua Taylor: Resources of the DAR: Beyond Revolutionary War Soldiers
  • Cyndi Ingle: The Internet: A Genealogist's Printing Press
  • Dr. Maurice Gleeson: Researching Your Irish Ancestry Online
  • Bennett Greenspan: The Future of Genetic Genealogy
  • Michael Leclerc: Researching Your New England Ancestors
  • Judy Russell: Rights & Responsibilities
  • F. Warren Bittner: Elusive Immigrant!

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