Monday, May 26, 2014

An Attempt at Translating Latin: Any Help?

Last night I had a wonderful find: I found a family tree that a distant cousin had posted on My Heritage. On that tree was posted a marriage certificate for my third great grandparents in Germany! This gave me the actual village my ancestors were from! Also, he had posted PHOTOS of this couple with one of their children! I have asked permission to post these photos and hope to be able to do that soon!

In the meantime, I've been working on the marriage record. It is written in Latin and I used about five different websites to help me translate the document. Besides the fact that it is in Latin, the handwriting is also difficult to read. So, I'm not sure how the words are even spelled.

I'd love help if anyone has any ideas where I'm struggling!

My attempt at what the document actually says:

1847 Novembris vigesima querta - Faites sine opporitione proclamationis tribus legitimus Michailis Kehrbach et Elizabethae Barbz en conjugium ex Ediger et Maria Anna Reuter filia legitima Joannes Reuter et Anna Barbarae Andre conjugium ex Ediger sacromectaliter copulati suet. Festes averant Adolphus Seiters et Valentinas Veranz ex Ediger. (signed)
My attempt at a translation:

1847 November twenty-fourth- Was without convenience of banns. Clan(?) Anton (Anthony) Kehrbach the legitimate son of Michailis (Michael) Kehrbach and Elizabeth Barbz in marriage (a married couple?) from Ediger and Maria (Mary) Anna Reuter the legitimate daughter of Joannes (John) Reuter and Anna Barbara Andre in marriage (a married couple?) from Ediger the sacrament of marriage (?suet?). Wedding (?averant?) (note: I think this has to do with witnesses) Adolph Seiters and Valentine Veranz of Ediger. (unknown signature)

Do we share common ancestors? I'd love to talk! Please write me at


  1. Diane,
    For translations, there are some online services for free. For vocabulary if you haven't checked out the FamilySearch Wiki for Latin, you may want to see that.
    Regarding your blog: I love it. However, I wish there was a way to send you a message, rather than posting here. Also, I would really love to see which surnames you are researching.
    Best of luck in your searches. Karen

  2. I believe the date to be November twenty fourth. I don't know if this helps but in the text the word that appears to be Sinit or Sinet which means to allow or permits and tribuo means to grant(s) or give

    1. Anonymous, thanks so much for your help!!! I'll be updating my translation. :)

  3. (?averant?) means to declare, or state {source Babylon 10 at It would appear that in this instance it is probably being used to state or to "witness", as you assumed.


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