Monday, May 30, 2016

Memorial Day Tribute: George Watson

Last year, on Memorial Day, I paid tribute to two family members who gave their life for our country:

  • Isaac Vincent, the son of my 6th great grandparents, Cornelius and Phebe (Ward) Vincent, who died during the Revolutionary War
  • Elkanah Anderson, my 5x great grandfather, who died in the Battle of New Orleans during the War of 1812
This year, I'd like to pay tribute to another ancestor who fought in the War of 1812, George Watson. Until this weekend, all I knew was that he had been buried with a military headstone??? On Saturday, I came across another document that tells me more about his service.

He is listed in the "Muster Rolls of Pennsylvania volunteers, in the war of 1812-1814, with pay rolls, etc" (that's the name???)

We the members composing the First North Troop of Calvary do Tender our services heretofore in July 1812 To his Excellency the Governor of Pennsylvania, 15th October 1814.

[besides the captain, which will help us learn more about this troop, I am listing other names who are related]

Capt. David Rittenhouse, NOT related
1st Lt. Isaac Vincent, most likely the son of Daniel Vincent & Angelchy Huff, my 5th great grandparents (abt 1784-1856)
Sergeant Antony [believe should be Anthony] Armstrong, probably the father of Andrew Armstrong who married Angeline W. Watson, who was a daughter of George Watson (1788-1867)
Corporal John Watson, probably George's older brother (1779-1858)
regular enlisteds??
John Vincent, most likely the son of Daniel Vincent & Angelchy Huff, my 5th great grandparents (1792-1853)
Wm. Watson, unknown
George Watson, my 4th great grandfather (1783-1856)

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